Website Analytics & Reporting

Website Analytics & Reporting

Blastoff offers customized campaign reporting services which quantify all major campaign metrics and key performance indicators over time.

Blastoff Labs provides customized reports which are designed to fit each campaign and the client’s business requirements

We will link your Google Analytics and Google AdWords accounts so that Google AdWords campaign data is visible from within the Google Analytics interface, and Google Analytics engagement data (bounce rate, avg time on page, # pages per session, etc) is visible from within the AdWords interface.

Blastoff uses a combination of in-house reporting tools and paid third party services to synthesize reports which are meaningful for each account being managed. Our reports include a narrative interpreting the data, explaining trends, and discussing changes in the account along with the rationale behind them.

Around the Clock Monitoring

Key campaign parameters of interest typically being monitored and reported on include

    • Daily Ad Spend
    • SERP Impression Volume
    • Click Volume

    • Average click-through rate (CTR)
    • Average cost per click (CPC) (CTR)
    • Average ad position (CTR)

    • Conversion Volume
    • Conversion Rate
    • Cost Per Conversion or Action (CPA)

    • Click Share
    • Benchmark CPC
    • Average quality score

    • Quality Score Distribution
    • Search Impression Share
    • Click Volume by Device Type

    • Click Volume by Geography
    • Conversion Rate by Device Type
    • Conversion Rate by Geography