Google AdWords Display Marketing Campaign

Display Marketing Campaigns are banner-style graphic advertisements that you see as banner and sidebar ads as you browse the web. A well designed and targeted display campaign can be highly effective in brand development, and often at delivering conversions when properly targeted. Display campaigns can also be used to remarket prospective customers or clients who have previously engaged with your site or landing pages.


In designing or reworking Google display advertising campaigns, Blastoff uses paid tools and services to select keywords to target on websites in the Google network; website placements; topics of websites to target; interests; mobile apps; and mobile app categories.


    The keys to a successful Google Display campaign are to understand your market, develop great "creative" (ad content and presentation), then to target the campaign to the right websites,


    Before designing your campaign, we conduct thorough keyword research using paid tools, to identify the keywords which have the best search volume, and are most likely to be beneficial to your campaign.


    We pull up the AdWords Ad History over the past few years from your top competitors, and make sure we benefit from avoiding advertising mistakes they may have made.


    Blastoff makes full creative use of all of Google's display ad formats, including the new responsive ads introduced by Google during Q3 2016.


    We design display campaigns that get the best performance out of mobile devices, which are becoming increasingly important to the vast majority of display marketing campaigns.

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What We Can Do For You

Here are some of the steps we focus on in order to make your Google AdWords

display network campaigns successful.


    • Market research including segmentation within vertical markets to insure proper targeting
    • Configure proper targeting using industry sectors, interests, demographics, categories keywords and websites


    • Create proper ad group structure (critical and often overlooked) for highest quality scores, lower costs per click, better ad rank
    • Best practice implementation of the new responsive display ad format for great performance on mobile devices


    • Bidding strategies which place your ads in the proper rank within the top Google ad slots
    • Precisely geo-target towns, cities, countries, and regions using overlay precision targeting methods
    • Make use of mobile campaign optimizations including multi-dimensional bid enhancements


    • Best-practices Google Analytics integration to track engagement metrics (bounce rate, time on page etc)
    • Make the best usage of all match types and ad extensions
    • Implement conversion tracking linked to Google Analytics