Shopify eCommerce Store Implementation and Deployment

Shopify eCommerce Store Implementation and Deployment

One of the great hidden trends and entrepreneurial opportunities in 2016 is SELLING THINGS ONLINE. Never has it been easier or faster to bring a store online than it is today. A large percentage of retail stores could benefit by extending their presence online. And new businesses can be started rather quickly.

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A Shopify storefront recently setup and deployed by Blastoff Labs. For merchants desiring a custom graphic look and feel to their store,

we will pull in graphic designers to customize your theme. Shopify provides extensive back-end analytics for your online store.

What Can’t Shopify Do?

Shopify, due to their excellent platform and terrific support, has become the leading platform for eCommerce store implementations. Blastoff also supports stores based upon BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Volusion and other leading eCommerce platforms.

eCommerce platforms like Shopify can be configured with a direct API feed to Google Shopping campaigns, making the eCommerce platform and the PPC advertising platform work like bread and butter. When a product is added or removed from the eCommerce platform and an API connection is enabled, pricing or inventory is changed and the changes are automatically reflected in the Google Shopping campaign.