Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Campaign Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Campaign Management

Blastoff’s mission is to turn your Google Advertising campaigns into productive business assets. We are a Google Partner company, and active contributing to the digital marketing community to stay on the cutting edge of our field. In 2016 we’ve built 75+ campaigns for clients across the USA and from Hong Kong, Singapore, Peru, Australia, to Western Europe, and manage hundreds of thousands of clicks each day selling goods and services across a broad range of vertical markets.


Blastoff brings the sophistication of a top PPC agency to your project, but unlike most agencies which delegate the workload to often overburdened staffers working from scripts, our clients benefit from the direct sustained attention of genuine AdWords engineering and marketing experts. We are Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified and stay on top of SEM trends by attending conferences like SMX. As a Google certified partner we work daily with them resolving search campaign technical issues. We are ‘Gold level contributors’ of solutions within the Google Advertising online forums.

Keys to a Successful Campaign

We can build a new Google search, display, or shopping campaign from the ground up,

or improve your existing PPC marketing/remarketing campaign to create enhanced campaign performance with more effective ad spend.

  • ✓ Proper ad group structure (critical and often overlooked)
    ✓ Best practice implementation of the new extended text ad format

  • ✓ Bidding strategies which place your ads in the proper rank within the top Google ad slots
    ✓ Precise geo-targeting of towns, cities, countries, and regions

  • ✓ Mobile campaign optimizations
    ✓ Best use of sitelink and callout extensions, call-only campaigns, form fill, and phone call conversion tracking

  • ✓ Best-practices Google Analytics integration including Advanced eCommerce
    ✓ The best usage of all match types and ad extensions

  • ✓ Setup/optimize Google shopping (eCommerce) campaigns using hybrid Ad Group / Product Group hierarchy and overlay campaign bidding strategies for budget
    allocation control
    ✓ When and how to use remarketing and display campaigns

Blastoff provides a complete PPC campaign reporting service
customized to the needs of your campaign,
as well as a full range of PPC campaign design, management, and reporting services.

Cutting Edge Techniques

Blastoff’s Google Shopping campaign optimization skills and techniques are cutting edge. If you have a Google Shopping Campaign and eCommerce store, we’ll link it into Google Analytics, then use advanced eCommerce features to optimize your return on ad spend and sales.


We use industry best practices augmented by marketing automation to sculpt your campaign into a money-making asset for your business. Starting with a baseline and keyword research, we will spider your leading competitors websites and extract the best keywords and paid search ad history to jumpstart the foundation of a successful campaign.


If traffic is landing on your site but not converting, we can tell you why and create wireframes and/or screencasts illustrating suggested changes.


Blastoff will tie Google Analytics (GA) data to your Adwords, and setup Google REMARKETING to boost conversions. For example, dishing AdWords ads to users that find your site via organic search.

Our Process

We have developed, and utilize the following specific process

for AdWords success

  • STEP 1

    • Identify success metrics and isolate the key performance indicators (KPI’s) for your campaign.
    • For existing, complex campaigns: conduct a thorough baseline campaign analysis.
    • Carefully determine the geo-targeting parameters and methods that benefit your campaign.
    • Keyword volume research using the best tools, e.g. Wordtracker, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Tools, KeywordSPY, SpyFU, SEMRush, and Google Alerts.

  • STEP 2

    • Spider your leading competitors website(s) extracting keywords and ad history.
    • Structure your PPC ad groups to achieve high Google PPC ‘relevancy’.
    • Write great ‘creative ad copy’ in my AdWords text ad simulator; review with you.
    • Maximize use of Google’s keyword insertion and new AdWords ‘Snippets’ to create an edge.

  • STEP 3

    • Set your ads up for 100% tracking of conversions via both clicks and calls using Google and/or Twilio tracking pixels and Javascripts.
    • Provide advice on landing page design optimization and split testing.
    • Use smart bidding strategies and creative quality score management.
    • Develop a strong, campaign-specific negative keyword base.
    • Make savvy use of analytics, pipeline reports, and enhanced device targeting.

  • STEP 4

    • Once ads are live, enhance CTR’s via A/B split testing.
    • Setup audiences and Google REMARKETING as appropriate, leveraging Google Analytics and Google AdWords data.
    • Monitor ‘search term vs keyword’ reports to harvest new keywords and enhance matching.
    • Configure marketing automation tools for your campaign(s) which scan all search term activity, identify negative keywords, and sculpt your match types.

*         *        *         *         *         *

Arising out of our work on many campaigns, Blastoff has developed “dynamic manual CPC management” software which insures your bids are always aligned to competitive bid estimates coming in from Google. We will link into your account, frequently adjusting bid levels to keep your ads ranking competitively. In some AdWords markets, bid prices can fluctuate like a slow-trading stock so it is important to keep bids in alignment.