LinkedIn PPC Campaigns

LinkedIn PPC Campaigns

Given it’s prominence as the leading business networking site, LinkedIn can be an effective platform for PPC advertising, particularly in some B2B vertical markets.

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LinkedIn’s PPC Ads and Sponsored Content can be an effective digital

marketing channel especially in B2B markets.

  • Unlimited Potential

    The impact of Microsoft's recent acquisition of LinkedIn is at this point, unknown. It is possible that LinkedIn ads will be merged into Microsoft's Bing advertising unit. Undoubtedly, Microsoft's vastly greater experience in the digital ad business will make LinkedIn's offerings more robust in the near future.

  • Constantly Evolving

    LinkedIn is proactive about developing it's advertising programs and we are optimistic that their PPC ad platform will continue to evolve and improve.

  • Vital Connections

    LinkedIn's advertising offerings are "self serve" and a little obtuse to understand and utilize. However, Blastoff is fortunate to have been contacted by LinkedIn recently, and established informal internal contacts enabling us to quickly resolve issues and questions that inevitably arise.

Two types of LinkedIn advertising channels

LinkedIn PPC Text Ads


LinkedIn’s PPC text ads are inserted onto pages that LinkedIn’s viewers are seeing as they navigate LinkedIn’s various pages and user groups.


A strength with advertising on LinkedIn is that it’s a good place to target users in B2B markets. LinkedIn knows a lot about each user so the demographic targeting is particularly good.


LinkedIn allows two methods for purchasing PPC ads: pay-per-click (CPC) or pay-per-impression (CPM). CPM can be a bargain on LinkedIn, for some campaigns with high CTR rates.

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LinkedIn Sponsored Content


Sponsored content inserts professionally-produced video directly into news feeds.


This is a higher-end offering vs LinkedIn PPC text ads, and is generally not recommended unless you have carefully designed and targeted brand messaging to promote.

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