Welcome to Blastoff Labs Search Marketing Blog

Welcome to Blastoff Labs Search Marketing Blog

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We’ll be addressing many issues facing those who advertise online: For example:360

Should I advertise online? We’ll show how a well engineered and optimized PPC campaign has become the most economically efficient means to promote a business in many vertical markets, going into 2017.

What type of Google campaign should we utilized to promote my business? The classic 4-line Google search text ad is what most people think of. However there are several other campaign types which may suit your business.

How much should we spend monthly on an ad campaign? We’ll walk you through exactly how to set the budget for your Google advertising campaign.

What are the advantages with the new “Google Extended Text” Ads? Should I switch to them? How are they different to set up? In Q3 2016, Google launched the Extended Text Ad, which is a new, 140 character version of the classic Google Search ad. We’ll show how this relates to Google’s earlier removal of ads on the right side of the page, and how to use them most effectively.

What is a remarketing campaign? How does it work? Can I use remarketing with my campaign? Remarketing campaigns are like “icing on the cake” for many Google advertisers. We’ll illustrate the types of remarketing campaigns, show they work and whether you should consider adding a remarketing campaign.

How can I setup a Google Shopping campaign to start selling things online? For many businesses with eCommerce websites, Google Shopping campaigns drive their revenue stream. But Shopping campaigns can be a bit unwieldy to setup properly, and are often quite challenging to optimize. We’ll walk you through some things you should know if you’re considering selling online via a Google Shopping campaign.

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