Structuring Ad Groups for a high quality AdWords campaign

Structuring Ad Groups for a high quality AdWords campaign

Ad Groups are fundamental building blocks in Google AdWords search and display marketing campaigns.  They serve as digital containers which contain a set of related keywords and a related group of ads.

A well-engineered Google AdWords campaign needs to be highly structured into ad groups containing closely related keywords and is associated with highly relevant ads. This pleases the Google PPC algorithms, and leads to campaigns with good quality scores that are more straightforward to optimize.

The natural tendency when setting up an AdWords campaign might be to create an ad group centered around a product or service category, throw a lot of keywords in each one which related to those products or services, write related ad copy, and repeat a few times.  This is usually a big mistake and leads to poor quality scores, meaning  higher click costs and worse ad rankings.
The diagram illustrates the relationship between keywords, ad groups, and ads in a Google search campaign:


Google Ad Groups are digital containers which contain closely related keywords directed at a relevant ad


What Should The Structure of Ad Groups Look Like?

A typical Blastoff Labs Google search campaign for a small to medium business might contain 500 to 1,000 keywords structured into 50 to 100 ad groups. This type of highly structured campaign, when put together with the proper keyword factoring strategy, results in campaigns which pull high quality scores from Google, resulting in lower click costs, higher ad rankings, and better conversion rates. We cover this in an article about keyword research.

Let us know if you have questions about the Ad Groups in your campaign.  Or if you have insights to share!

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