Google Shopping Campaign

Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns (formerly known as Google Product Listing Ads, or PLAs) are expressly designed to work with eCommerce websites and match buyers with products for sale. A well designed, implemented, and optimized Google Shopping campaign can become a significant, or primary revenue driver for many online stores and businesses.


Google Shopping campaigns are different in many ways from traditional Google search and display campaigns. They are based upon two linked primary components: a Google Merchant Center product feed database (a separate Google account), and the Google Shopping campaign itself, which is setup within the advertiser’s AdWords account. The two must be linked. Depending upon the eCommerce platform, the eCommerce platform (e.g. Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce etc) can serve as the product database, but product data still flows though the Merchant Center via an API connection.


    • The keys to a successful Google Display campaign are to understand your market, develop great “creative” (ad content and presentation), then to target the campaign to the right websites.


    • The big issue with Shopping campaigns is the difficult in optimizing them and making good use of ad spend dollars once they are running. This can be particularly difficult when more than a few dozen products are being advertised. Blastoff Labs is on the cutting edge of Shopping Campaign optimization. We use all methods that the biggest agencies use, and have also invented a few more. This is a topic we like to blog about so check the “Google Shopping” category there for more detailed information.


    • Before designing your Google Shopping campaign, we conduct thorough keyword research using paid tools to identify the keywords which have the best search volume, and are most likely to benefit your campaign. This includes pulling up the AdWords Ad History of your competitors over the past few years and making sure we benefit from avoiding advertising mistakes they may have made.


    • Google’s criteria for allowing products to be advertised on Google Shopping are quite strict, and campaigns are frequently suspended for violating terms of service – often permanently. So it is important to get everything right when setting up a Shopping campaign.