Google AdWords Display Marketing Campaign

A well designed and targeted display campaign can be highly effective
in brand development, and often at delivering conversions when properly targeted.


Keyword Research For PPC Campaigns

Blastoff utilizes paid tools to discover the constellation of best-performing keywords relevant to
your market. We will identify your leading competitors, extracting keywords in
use for both organic and paid search; and even their 10-year history of paid advertisements.


Website Analytics & Reporting

Blastoff offers customized campaign reporting services which quantify all major
campaign metrics and key performance indicators over time.


Shopify eCommerce Store Implementation

One of the great hidden trends and entrepreneurial opportunities in 2016 is SELLING THINGS ONLINE.
Never has it been easier or faster to bring a store online than it is today. A large percentage
of retail stores could benefit by extending their presence online.


Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Campaign Management

Blastoff’s mission is to turn your Google Advertising campaigns into productive
business assets. We are a Google Partner company, and active contributing to the
digital marketing community to stay on the cutting edge of our field.


Google AdWords Search Marketing Campaign

Blastoff Labs is expert at designing, implementing, and
managing high quality Google AdWords Search Marketing
campaigns that become a beneficial, integral asset for your business.


LinkedIn PPC Campaigns

Given it’s prominence as the leading business networking site, LinkedIn can be an effective platform
for PPC advertising, particularly in some B2B vertical markets.


Google AdWords Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing allows advertisers to connect with visitors to their website
who may not have made an immediate purchase or inquiry.


Pay Per Click Campaign Baseline And Redesign

Blastoff has developed a process for baselining and redesigning even the most
complex PPC campaigns to reset and re-engineer them in order to extract maximum performance.


Microsoft Bing PPC Campaigns

It often makes sense for advertisers who have established success on Google to extend some
or all of their campaigns onto Bing. It provides import facilities so that
in theory, all of a Google campaign’s settings can be uploaded into Bing.


Landing Page Conversion Rate Optimization

When you are paying to drive qualified traffic to your site, it is crucial that your website
or landing page is optimized to convert and/or monetize that traffic.


Google Shopping Campaign

A well designed, implemented, and optimized Google Shopping campaign can
become a significant, or primary revenue driver for many online stores and businesses.

Boutique PPC Management

Blastoff Labs is a Micro PPC Agency, dedicated to rendering quality services to each client. None of our PPC campaign work (0%) is outsourced.

Personalized Service

Blastoff is open for business 12 hours a day, 6 days a week; and available outside those hours for urgent PPC campaign matters. We are quickly reachable via phone, text, email, Google Hangout, and Skype voice/text/video conferencing.

U.S. West Coast Location

We are located in Reno, Nevada and are open during business hours for all U.S. time zones. Blastoff attends major U.S. PPC conferences, and can visit your corporate location to discuss PPC projects.

Serving Clients Worldwide

Regardless of your time zone or nationality, Blastoff successfully manages PPC campaigns for clients around the world.

The Boutique PPC Agency

We specialize in design, management, and optimization of pay for click search advertising campaigns (PPC)


Blastoff Labs designs, optimizes, and manages Google AdWords pay per click (PPC) campaigns for clients in the US, Europe, Asia, and South America and Canada. During 2016, Blastoff has designed over 80 campaigns for clients utilizing Google Search, Display, Remarketing, and Video ads.

Blastoff Labs manages hundreds of thousands of clicks each day selling goods and services across a broad range of vertical markets. Our mission is to turn your Google Advertising campaigns into productive business assets – working members of your balance sheet in good standing.

Blastoff brings the sophistication of a large PPC agency to your project, but unlike most agencies which delegate the workload to often overburdened staffers working from scripts, Blastoff clients benefit from the direct sustained attention of a genuine AdWords engineering and marketing expert.

Design New Top Quality PPC Campaigns (Google/Bing/LinkedIn)0%
Management And Optimization Of PPC Campaigns0%
Baselining And Extracting KPI's Of Complex Existing Campaigns0%
Conversion Rate Optimization Analysis And Recommendations0%

Years Working With Google Campaigns


Years Full Time Managing AdWords Campaigns


Percentage of Clients Who Retain Us Long Term


Google Campaigns Designed and Managed in 2016


US States with Blastoff Labs Clients


Countries with Blastoff Labs Clients

We build high quality PPC Campaigns. Our clients say it best.

Keyword Research

Blastoff has developed a systematic process utilizing paid research tools to find the best keywords for your campaign.

Competitive Analysis

We will find your competitors, spider their website to extract the keywords, and analyze their 10-year PPC advertising history

Proper Ad Group Structure

We develop highly structured campaigns, leading to high quality scores and lower click costs.

Extended Text Format PPC Ads

Best practice implementation of the new extended text ad format.

Advanced Bid Management Strategies

Blastoff has developed advanced PPC bid management strategies which place your ads in the proper rank within the top Google ad slots.

Precise Geo-Targeting of Campaigns

Precise geo-targeting of towns, cities, countries, and regions.

Mobile-Optimized PPC Campaigns

Many campaigns now pull over 60% of their traffic from mobile. We'll make the most of it.

Fully Utilize PPC Ad Extensions

We will make aggressive use of sitelink, mobile text messaging, review, and callout extensions.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration including Advanced eCommerce.

Google Shopping / eCommerce

Setup/optimize Google shopping (eCommerce) campaigns using hybrid Ad Group/Product Group hierarchy and overlay campaign bidding strategies for budget allocation control.

Remarketing Campaigns

Fully utilize search and display remarketing and display campaigns to retarget audiences who have previously visited your site.

Campaign Reporting

Reporting on all campaign key performance indicators (KPI's) including costs, engagement metrics, and CPAs over relevant time periods.

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